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Dear Thyroid Sufferer,

My name is Kevin Augustine and I have been in private practice since 1997. I would like to share my insights on Thyroid symptoms and new treatments with you!

* Stop running from doctor to doctor trying different medications!

* Stop struggling with fatigue day in and day out, weight problems, and lack of sleep!

*Are you tired of taking medications that simply doen’t work? In fact, many patients say the meds make them feel like a zombie. Just don’t feel like yourself?

*How many times have family and friends said that “you look fine”? What they are trying to say, is are you sure your Thyroid problems aren’t all in your head?

Take this quiz to see if you may suffer from a Thyroid problem. Place a check next to any of the following that currently apply to you. If you checked 4 boxes or more, you may have a Thyroid problem. We do not treat the thyroid, rather we help restore your normal physiology and let your body do the work from the inside out using natural protocols.

□ Fatigue, tired or sluggish
□ Cold hands and/or feet
□ Requiring excessive amounts of sleep to function
□ Unexplained weight gain
□ Difficult or infrequent bowel movements
□ Depression
□ Lack of motivation
□ Morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses
□ Thinning hair

□ Dry skin
□ Mental sluggishness
□ Heart palpitations
□ Inward trembling
□ Increased heart rate even at rest
□ Nervous or emotional
□ Insomnia, inability to sleep well
□ Night sweats
□ Difficulty gaining weight

There is HOPE!

Learn how your Thyroid problems can be helped!

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