2 Free Visits

Kevin Augustine has helped thousands of suffering clients since graduating with honors in 1997.

The 2 Free Trial Visits allow you to experience our office and meet with him without financial risk to discuss your Thyroid condition. Whether you were diagnosed with hypothyroid or possibly even Hashimoto’s Thyroid, you may be able to get help. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you have to find out. In fact, Hashimoto’s Thyroid is the #1 cause of hypothyroid in North America! And you may just be barking up the wrong tree if you are trying to just treat your thyroid if diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. This is true because research points to an immune dysfunction causing the thyroid problem NOT just thyroid malfuction. So if you are taking Synthroid or Levothyroxin and still have the same symptoms, there is a good chance you have Hashimoto’s thyroid. This is why some people don’t respond to the medications. Find out if this is you.

Visit #1: Kevin Augustine will review your intake forms, medical records and any lab work that you may have brought with you. We encourage you to bring any information with you from any other specialists that you have been to.

Visit #2: Kevin Augustine will let you know if he has decided to take your case. Fees for care will be discussed at this time.

Why do we offer 2 Free Visits?

It’s very simple! Kevin Augustine only accepts patients that he truly feels that he can help. It will cost you nothing for him to determine if he can help you or not. Also, he only works with clients who are highly committed and follow through with the treatment protocols.

If you are ready to set up an appointment to possibly put an end to your pain, just call 716-773-4707 or 716-754-2225 and mention that you want your 2 FREE VISITS.